May 22, 2016

Mom of a Teenager

Sounds like an insult, doesn't it?  You mom of a teenager!!  But that's exactly what I am. Today is my daughter's 13th birthday.  And to be honest, I'm struggling to accept that she's growing up.  She has always been an independent kid; somewhat of an old soul.  She inherited my reluctance to ask for help and prefers to figure things out on her own.  Even so, I've always looked at her as my little girl.  During my most difficult times, my mom has always told me that one day my kids would be all grown up and able to take care of themselves, thus lightening my load.  I listened and believed her, but I didn't expect it to happen so soon.

Over the past year, my daughter has grown and matured so much.  I look at her square in the eye now because she's the same height as me.  We have deep conversations about politics, religion, her friends, and even the B word (yeah...boys...*eek!*).  I love that she's comfortable enough to come to me and discuss whatever is on her mind.  A couple of days ago, she said it best - we are close like sisters.  Our relationship has evolved into somewhat of a friendship, though she fully understands that I am and always will be her mom and she respects me as such.

So today as I celebrated her entrance into adolescence, I made a conscious decision to remember the beauty of her childhood so far, while also embracing the next chapter of our relationship as I continue to guide her through this journey we call life.  I pray that our closeness will continue through the remainder of her teenager years and well into her adulthood.  As quickly as the years are flying by, I plan to savor every single moment. 

Happy birthday boo xx



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