May 21, 2016

Chattanooga, TN

Last weekend, I took my kids to Chattanooga for the day.  It's only a 2 hour drive from Nashville, and the ride there is absolutely beautiful.  I love driving up Monteagle Mountain and back down the other side.  We're so high up, we have to wait for our ears to pop to resume our conversation!  The views are breathtaking.  My kids took a bunch of pictures on their cell phones, and tried to capture the Georgia and Tennessee state signs are we weaved in and out of each states.  It warmed my heart that they were so amazed by the beauty of God's creation.

Our first stop in Chattanooga, and the only place I took pictures with my fancy camera, was Rock City.  This place is famous for its (alleged) view of 7 states from Lover's Leap at the top of Lookout Mountain.  The trail to the top of the mountain winds through colorful gardens, past bubbling creeks and stunning rock formations, all to the soothing sounds of relaxing music.  They actually had a harpist playing while we were there.  And the weather was perfect.

I'm not convinced you can see 7 states from the top of the mountain, and neither were a couple of other tourists we heard debating its accuracy once we got to the top.  Regardless, the view is simply beautiful, and the mountainside waterfall is the icing on the cake.  My kids had a blast and both said they want to visit again next time we're in the area.  If you have never visited Rock City, or the Chattanooga area in general, you should add this underrated city to your bucket list.  There is so much history, culture and fun activities to enjoy while you're there!

I haven't edited any of these pictures, since I haven't learned how to do that yet!  All in good time...



  1. I love it all! Great photos #yougogurl

  2. I love it all! Great photos #yougogurl