Jun 9, 2012

Open Letter to my Daughter, K

To my first born child and sweet daughter, K. I pray that you always know and believe how beautiful you are both inside and out. Your spirit is refreshing to me. Your quirky sense of humor never fails to bring joy to my heart and soul.  I dream of your future and hope that you will accomplish all of your dreams and ambitions...and then some.

As you continue to grow into a beautiful, smart and witty young lady, remember you are a child of God and should always be treated with the respect you deserve. Work hard in school, choose a career in a field you are passionate about and enjoy your independence for as long as possible! There is absolutely no sense in rushing into marriage. As my father taught my sisters and me, learn to be able to support yourself so that you never become solely dependent on anyone to take care of you, including a man.  When Mr. Right shows up, you will know when the time is right to make that huge commitment.  Until then, enjoy life.  Travel, see the world, learn a new skill and make lots of friends along with the way.

Learn to listen to your instincts and if something doesn't feel or look right, walk away.  Don't follow the crowd just to popular.  You being you is a thousand times more interesting than you trying to be someone else.  Never be afraid to stand up for yourself against injustice or to speak your mind during a discussion on a subject you are passionate about.  Be assertive and sure of yourself always, because if you do not have confidence in yourself, no one will.

The next 10 years will bring some interesting and possibly testing times for us both as you journey through the unpredictable teenage years. But please know that my love for you will never wane and I am proud of you always. I will forever be your biggest cheerleader whether its at your high school and college graduations, soccer and basketball games, your wedding...whatever it may be.  I will be there to support you 100%.

I love you boo!

Mommy xx


  1. So sweet. Youre a good mama auntie Charlotte. I luv u guys and ill be here to cheer u on too k!

  2. Wow! Your words are so touching. Like chinneeree said you are a good mother to your wonderful children. x

  3. Charlotte - I originally read this on my phone and couldn't see the new layout. It looks fab and as I previously said this post is beautifull. Well done lovely xx