Jan 18, 2015

Hello!! And...goodbye...

Hey there!  So yeah, it's been a really long time since I last posted.  My laptop died on me and I've only just been able to replace it.  During my time without a laptop, I have come to the realization that, as much as I love this blog, it has served its purpose for me.  It gave me the outlet I needed at a time when I couldn't think of any other way to express myself.  It helped me to work through some issues I had both within myself and with other people.  I have also had people tell me how much my blog has helped them to face their issues, which was another of my goals when I first started writing.  So, with all of that said, it's with mixed emotions that I write this, my last post on this blog that means so much to me.  I'm sad to say goodbye, but happy that I will be taking my writing and experiences in a brand new and exciting direction! 

It is my prayer that this blog will continue to be a blessing to others who may come across it even years from now.

All the best,


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