Jan 27, 2013

RIP Betsy

Anyone that really knows me knows who Betsy is.  To many she was just a 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser base model, vanilla in color.  But to me she was one of the first symbols of my independence.  The first car with the title in my name only.  The first car I was completely responsible for maintaining.  Although over the last year or so I may have put more money into her than she was worth, the thought of saying goodbye almost brought me to tears.  Betsy was a part of me and I felt she reflected my personality in some ways...quirky, fun and full of her own personal style.  You'd never see a PT Cruiser and think "hey that kinda looks like a (insert random car name here)".  I like to think the same about myself.

Betsy and I have been through all kinds together.  From road trips, soccer/basketball/tee ball/softball/tae kwon do practices/games, moving from apartment to apartment to house, first dates and broken relationships.  Flat tires and batteries, worn out brakes, multiple warning lights and random beeping...Betsy and I have been through it all.

Unfortunately, last Thursday the time came for Betsy and I to part ways.  Although I traded her in for a newer model (literally), she will forever be in my heart.

Now I have to think of a name for my new car...any suggestions???


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